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Polysatin Shutters, eco wood, bass wood, poly resin/ wood blend .

Asisi Interiors can supply all versions of shutters to meet any budget, we have shutters made here in Australia as well as ones that are imported from China. All  are of a high quality, which is the way we like it. We avoid PVC shutters and believe everyone should, more on that soon.

These window coverings are a highly effective window treatment great for controlling light and to a certain extent sound. They come in a variety of 3 different vane sizes, as well as different framing options to suit your interior style.

Only the wooden or bass wood variety come in variations of colour, poly resin and eco wood are usually available in white or cream.


Luxaflex poly resin = $689 per sqm

China (eco wood) = $325 per sqm

both suppliers offer a 20 year warranty



This write up we borrowed from another shutter company best describes the harmful effects of PVC shutters


PVC or (Poly Vinyl Chloride), is an extruded hollow vinyl. The material is extruded PVC which is either a hollow extrusion or one which also has some reinforcing webbing on the interior. This has been around about 12 years. It can be identified by its appearance; it is not finished and the edges of the blades have caps to seal them. The connectors to the tilt rods are plastic “t” connectors which tend to break. Its advantages are its low cost. Disadvantages are the “plastic” appearance, a tendency to yellow when exposed the strong sunlight, some brittleness after exposure to UV, and a limited choice of colors. After aging, the material can be hard to clean. They cannot be stained. Please note that the fumes when it burns are very toxic and the material will out gas (release chemicals) for the life of the product.