Which came first the shutter or the window?

It may surprise you to know the shutter proceeded the “glass” window. You see originally there were no glass in windows as glass was quite a luxury. So the external shutters you see sometimes these days as decoration on either side of the window exterior. Were originally your “glass” as we know it today. The window was basically a “hole in the wall” and the shutters were used for privacy, security and light control.


Shutters made in Australia



15 Year Warranty

On all shutters in the range


Made In Australia

Local shutters made in Queensland factory 3 week lead time


Thermal Protection

Insulates 3 Times Greater Than Timber – With a great R-Value, this will reduce the
heat coming in during summer as well as keep the warmth in over winter.

shutters bathurst and orange

Polymer Shutters


5 year transferable warranty

The INSPIRE Warranty is transferable to the new owners if you sell your home, ensuring a true asset gain.


Reduces Energy Costs

Being a superb insulator, this product will assist reducing your heating and airconditioning costs.


Made From Non Toxic, Recycled Materials

No toxins are used in the recycled material used to produce INSPIRE Shutters.


Guaranteed not to Crack, Warp, Shrink or Discolour

Manufactured from our unique Polymer Foam, the INSPIRE product is suitable for all areas inside the home.


Water Resistant

Perfectly suited for bathrooms, kitchens or any “wet”areas, INSPIRE will not swell, warp or crack.

luxaflex polysatin shutters bathurst and orange

Easy Care

A simple wash regularly with warm soapy water and your INSPIRE Shutters will be as good as new.


Cleartilt Mechanism

This system allows effortless operation of the louvre’s with no possibility of loose and annoying connectors breaking and disabling your new INSPIRE Shutters.


Dents Can Be Warmed Out

Minor dents can usually be “warmed out”
using applied warmth. (Iron or steam)


No VOC's!

completely VOC free, safe for you and your family.


Shaped Windows

Can be built to fit a variety of shaped windows including Arches, Angles, Hexagons and Octagons


15 - 20 Year Warranty

 Local (Qld) 15 years

Import (China) 20 yr




For some more information on what to consider whilst choosing your shutters, see our BLOG article

External aluminium louvres

for protection from high winds and to be able to filter the light. Introducing! … Elipso, another high quality product from our suppliers @ OzRoll Industries.


Elipso Domestic Louvre (DLi) range is recognised as Australia’s most superior Aluminium Louvre panel. With the strength of a Cyclone Shutter within a sleek frame, these panels can be produced within 4 weeks from order in paint finishes which are tested to Australia’s harsh weather conditions.


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