Asisi Interiors can supply all kinds of Blinds, whatever you need to suit your home, we utilise many different suppliers to give you a wide array of choice. We may even have some you haven’t heard of before!

We make and supply blinds for any situation, if you’re building to “flip” your house, you will want window coverings that are effective and affordable. In such a case we would recommend the builders range from one of our generic suppliers.

On the other hand if you are creating your forever home, you may want something a bit more high end like motorised blinds, fabrics by British company Louvalite which add texture and flair to any area or an exclusive Luxaflex solution.

A lot of Blinds can now be automated

Using your home wi fi and an app on your mobile phone, giving you peace of mind when you are away from home. Also many of our motorised systems integrate seamlessly with C-Bus and many other home automation systems.

From the simple to the extensive we have a complete range to suit anyones style and/ or budget.



Roller, Stiffened and Bonded Blinds

Dual roller blinds

Most would be aware of the standard roller blind with its simple chain operation, these are usually made from a select group of fabric swatches in blind suitable material.

Asisi makes and supplies blinds made from drapery fabric as well !!

These can come in one of two forms, either a “bonded blind” which is fabric with a blockout backing attached for complete privacy or a “stiffened blind”, which is suitable for any fabric, the fabric isput through a solution and then made into a blind, opening up your choice of colour pattern and visual result completely,, limited only by your imagination.

For child safety and peace of mind we now offer a “lite rise” blind which is manufactured by Luxaflex, with no chains and a simple hand operation by simply moving the blind to its desired position via use of the bottom rail.

Roman Blinds

Romans are like a vertical curtain, soft and elegant, can be made in a large array of fabric choices for either a soft traditional look or a more modern, crisp solution. Romans can also be made in either a block out or translucent or sheer fabric depending on their application.