Awnings are the best protection of your window for the summer months. The best practice is to keep the sun off your window which therefore reduces the heat into your room. Awnings are perfect for this. Asisi supplies all styles of awnings from many different suppliers to suit any budget.

Betta – spring operated awning

The spring operated awning is the baby of the awning family, very affordable, operates on a spring mechanism, meaning you pull it down (some resistance) and once down tie or lock it into place.


spring operated with 5% mesh screen 3m wide by 1500 high, weather box and 900mm pull down stick

$844.36 plus GST 


Betta – wire guided awning

Wire guided awnings mean the awning is guided by the wires at the side so as not to flap in the wind. The wire guided awning looks great in older houses and cottages where a side channel would look out of place.


Wire guided awning with 5% (in house) mesh, 3m wide by 1500 high, weather box and 900mm crank handle.

$1873.74 plus GST


BETTA-multi stop awning

This multi stop awning has side channels, which are not tensioned. The channels are a guide for the awning system and by turning the bottom bar the awning can be stopped at any point.

note: this is NOT a ziptrak or EVO STC awning, and therefore the awning material is not held in to place with tension, some fabric puckering may occur.


Multi stop awning 2700 w by 2180 high, 5% mesh, headbox 

$1405.80 plus GST


pivot/ lock arm awnings