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Whether you’re looking for a retractable awning over your swimming pool, a shade screen over your patio, or a solution for your multi-storey home or business, Asisi Interiors and Design and has your area covered.

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Awnings ! Do I or Don’t I … ?


 Essentially Awnings are an external blind, traditionally made from canvas and with limited options they have now come a very long way and offer a variety of solutions. Canvas these days is a little frowned upon as it “sweats” and traps moisture and eventually mould, plus it doesn’t age very well. Awnings these days are made from a “breathable” acrylic material based on a polyester weave, this allows a slight transfer of air flow which makes it beneficial in not creating a heat trap behind the awning material. 90% of our awning range can now also be motorised and controlled from inside the home, via remote and/ or by an app on your phone.

Awnings are without a doubt the best protection for your home in the warmer months, it comes down to physics as its better to keep the heat off your window in the first place, stopping the heat from entering your interior via the windows..



Our range of awnings

Why asisi?

5 Year Warranty

On all awnings in the range


Motorised & Home Automation

Integrates with Somfy for home automation


Made In Australia

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Canopy Awnings

For a European look Canopy Awning is available in an infinite amount of shapes, making it a truly custom made awning. Available in either fixed or retractable awning applications they can be situated outdoors over windows, doors or walkways in a range of fabric designs.

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Traditional Look

Suits period and mid-century homes


Rust Free

Made from rust-free extruded and die-cast aluminium components


Made Durable

Designed to be long-lasting and low-maintenance

Metal Louvre Awnings

Looking for toughness and durability? Luxaflex Metal Louvre Awnings are extremely effective in providing privacy, light control and air flow for balconies and external windows.


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Allows you to “open” angles at 45 degrees or “closed” at 60 degrees



Great for those that wish to manually adjust the angle of the louvres



84mm wide panels fixed at 65 degrees, offering high sun protection all year round

Straight Drop Awnings

Straight Drop Awnings provide privacy and sun protection, adding a stylish and contemporary outdoor finish to your home, especially where space is at a premium.

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Sleek Modern Design

Suited for modern open-plan living with a wide range of fabrics


Easy to Operate

Using a rope and pulley system to raise and lower the awnings


Channel Roll Up Option

Suitable for enclosing a verandah or between posts on a patio


The Australian-designed Awning range represents the latest in design, styling and functionality.

The comprehensive range comes in 4 different models: Cable Guide, Side Channel,  Straight Drop and Pivot Arm Awnings.

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Solar Power Option

As little as 2-3 hours of direct sunlight is required for several days operation


Energy Efficient

Save up to 60% on your cooling costs


Link Your Awnings

Link up to 3 awnings for control from a single location

Folding Arm Awnings

Folding Arm Awnings offer the best in open-plan outdoor living.

Beautiful to look at and also functional, comes in standard and powder coat colour finishes, making it easy to choose an option that will match your exterior.

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Hides all fabric and hardware when retracted


5 Awning Styles

Solutions for every location big or small


Sun & Wind Sensors

Fully automated solution available on selected models

Pivot Arm Awnings

The perfect choice for multi-storey buildings, the Pivot Arm Awning provides flexibility to allow for consistent aesthetics over all windows.

Pivot Arm Awnings can be operated from inside the house by gear, tape or rope, or they can be motorised with one of our home automation systems for ease of operation. 

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Easily Adaptable

Choose from a large selection of fabrics and colours


Traditional Style

Great for historical federation homes and businesses



Made to withstand Australia’s toughest conditions

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