the best protection of your window for the summer months. The best practice is to keep the sun off your window which therefore reduces the heat into your room. Awnings are perfect for this. Asisi supplies all styles of awnings from many different suppliers to suit any budget.


Spring operated awning

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Betta – spring operated awning

The spring operated awning is the baby of the awning family, very affordable, operates on a spring mechanism, meaning you pull it down (some resistance) and once down tie or lock it into place.


spring operated with 5% mesh screen 3m wide by 1500 high, weather box and 900mm pull down stick

$844.36 plus GST 


Wire Guided Awning


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Betta – wire guided awning

Wire guided awnings mean the awning is guided by the wires at the side so as not to flap in the wind. The wire guided awning looks great in older houses and cottages where a side channel would look out of place.


Wire guided awning with 5% (in house) mesh, 3m wide by 1500 high, weather box and 900mm crank handle.

$1873.74 plus GST

Multi Stop (side channel) awning

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BETTA-multi stop awning

This multi stop awning has side channels, which are not tensioned. The channels are a guide for the awning system and by turning the bottom bar the awning can be stopped at any point.

note: this is NOT a ziptrak or EVO STC awning, and therefore the awning material is not held in to place with tension, some fabric puckering may occur.


Multi stop awning 2700 w by 2180 high, 5% mesh, headbox 

$1405.80 plus GST


Pivot/ Lock Arm awning

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pivot/ lock arm awnings

Pivot arm awnings are a local crowd pleaser. They suit both modern and traditional homes and allow air flow between window and awning meaning that canvas can suitably be used as the awning material. The air flow reduces the chances of mould development. Available in a wide selection of colours and stripes with plain or scalloped valances.



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Arguably one of the best awnings available in the market, Ziptrak is an Australian creation and is packed full of patented technology.

Buying a genuine Ziptrak® blind ensures you are receiving the original and the most advanced outdoor track guided blind system. There are many features unique to Ziptrak® that provide a system which is easy to use, low maintenance and will look great after years of use.

Ziptrak® blinds are a patent protected track guided blind system, invented in Australia. The Ziptrak® brand name is a registered trademark and is only manufactured by Ziptrak Pty. Ltd. for domestic and international distribution through a range of fabricators and retailers.

Unless the system is marked with the Ziptrak® branding, users are not receiving a genuine Ziptrak® product. When you are seeking out Ziptrak® be sure to:

  1. Ask your retailer if they sell the Ziptrak® system
  2. Ask that your quotation and invoice include the Ziptrak® brand name
  3. Once installed, check you’ve received the genuine Ziptrak® system by ensuring all of the parts below have the Ziptrak® marking.

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Created by the ever innovative Claudette Shakespeare in the late 80’s, Helioscreen Australia is proudly independently Australian owned.

Helioscreen Australia grew from being a successful distributer of imported fabrics for the window furnishing industry, into a manufacturer focused on building the world’s best external sun control systems. Once fully established Helioscreen went on to introduce a complete range of internal blinds, the central element being the use of Helioscreen’s exclusive range of sunscreen fabrics, and the most advanced blind systems on the market.

Helioscreen continued to forge ahead with innovation in the area of motorisation, and now boasts a complete range of dynamic internal and external shading solutions, with re sellers throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Asisi is now the local reseller for all Helioscreen products in the Central West.

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