Why it pays to get your Shutters right!



Window Shutters have been around a long time and in the last 12 years gone through some noticeable changes. No longer are we stuck with a BIG tilt rod down the middle of the shutter (although it can be made if you like it), as well manufacturers have realised that there are many greater alternatives to shutters made from wood. You see a lot of wooden shutters are manufactured from either poor quality wood or occasionally from Cedar wood, and there is this mythical belief that Cedar is the best wood for insulation. Not quite true, the best anything for insulation is “density” and putting cedar or any other traditional wood in direct line of a heat source (the sun) is going to lead to problems no matter where you live. So in Australia that problem is magnified being the “sunburnt” nation and the fact that we like our BIG windows means we need to think about how we dress them.

When selecting your shutter ask for “clearview” or a “tilt-bar” operation mechanism, this means the “mechanics” of your shutters will be out of sight and the overall look will benefit greatly. The other thing to consider is the position of your “mid rail”, and no it doesn’t have to be in the middle of the shutter panel. The purpose of your mid rail is structural integrity and shutters from Asisi only require a mid rail if the panel is 1800mm or larger. The mid rail should line up with existing window muntin ( the strip in your window that seperates the glass panes).

For example 1970’s windows with that horrible brown aluminium surround, often had a large break in the window approx 1/3 up the glass and this useless “muntin” is where a mid rail would work perfectly.



PROS: – great thermal protection

            – security

            – modern look

            – great for wet areas

            – adds value to your property if seen from a street frontage.

CONS: – loose a lot of your view / not fully opened often

             – Used too frequently 

             – You are essentially looking at the world through “venetian” like slats ..


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