S fold Curtains


These type of curtains have been popular for many years and are increasing in popularity, mainly for their aesthetic appeal. They are also a practical solution in that they maintain their shape and appearance regardless of environmental conditions.

Often we get asked to do an S fold sheer with and simple lining on a seperate track behind. This is the best solution for thermal protection and privacy. The lining creates the added layer of thermal protection as well as complete privacy when drawn shut. The reason we make the lining on a seperate track is because we have seen too many times people trying to double up and add lining to the s fold material which makes the curtain in effective. The curtain ends up with too much weight on it, and often looses its “S fold” shape.

There is something to consider with having the two tracks. The s fold on the front needs to be 100mm in front of the rear track to allow the S fold and lining to not bump into each other when operating the lining. For example if placed too close to the lining track when the lining is opened or closed it will interfere with the s fold and generally move it out of place and disturb its shape.

One of the best solutions we’ve installed was an S fold curtain with the lining placed behind on a seperate motorised track. This added an amazing level of style to the whole operation and as it was applied in the main bedroom, it meant the client could wake and press a button to allow light into the room and still have their S fold sheer sitting in perfect shape in the front of the window.