pastels !!

Really .?

in a brief glimpse at what the powers that be consider the arc of interior fashion I came across the mention of pastels in colour trend ideas!

remember this isn’t what a designer would consider an interior specific trend. More a colour way that appears popular. It’s not hard to see why pastels are popular. They are nurturing and soft, sensitive in nature. …..

So why can’t I stop thinking that “pastel colours” are responsible for the election of trump. Or the failed brexit fiasco. Right now the world doesn’t need to be subdued by complicity. NO!, World needs it’s fighting trousers on. 

Which leads me to the title of my post “Interior trends – who cares?”

its a plea from my heart, don’t follow fashion, don’t conform … trends like fashion are fleeting in nature and lack any form of depth. GET DEEP, think hard, enjoy the hard graft. Makes you feel your human to struggle and push on against expectations !

no good readers this is NOT the time or place to immerse yourself in pastels. Nor even bold statements, just find your balance. What do YOU like? As a designer I see many of our clients stuck with this concept “hmm what DO I like?” Ifstuck just change the narrative. “What things do I get the most enjoyment from?”